Natural Wholesale Hair Supplier and Vendor

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Wholesale Hair suppliers are many these days, but no one pays off as much as our services do. We have been in the business for far too long and we are the proud wholesale hair suppliers of all the needs of the industry.

From the time we had created this company till now, we believe we have had a good time as is evident from the loyalty that we are receiving from our customers.

Undoubtedly, for any company to rise high and be a part of something great, it has to have a good team. In this aspect, we have had the privilege of having our team in all seasons. Through their dedication and hard work, we have secured a commendable place for ourselves in the market.

It is because of these efforts that we have been termed as the best by every big name of this industry. Especially, we have a good reputation in the fashion industry because this is where the majority of our products go. Since we know the type of fashion that prevails, we are given an upper hand over the rest and majority of the makeup artists and fashion designers opt for us.

It is of immense happiness for us to be able to look at our future, which indeed is very bright. We believe that through our hard work and dedication, we’d be able to conquer even the international markets.

As for now, we can be at your service at the hour of your need. We have what it takes to be versatile and, as a matter of fact, we have all the versatile products that you are looking for.

If you want to be served well and if you’d like to soar on the top of your industry, we’re always here to work with you and provide you with our best.

What do we offer?

We offer a variety of different products relating to hair. We have established our line of production in this state so that we can serve the people of this country for the greater good of it.

From all the variety of different hair extensions that are out there, we serve to bring you all of them depending on your taste and industry demands.

Our approach towards hair extension making is sustainable and we take it very seriously. From adding color pallets to trying to bring it closer to the reality as possible, we offer the following types of hair extension products.

  • Sew-in extensions – these are built as per the demand of the market and they have the sewing mechanism that can be used to sew them to the hair of the wearer.
  • Tap-in tap-out extensions – we make them, especially for the fashion You, too, can have them and their unique clips that let the applier to secure the extension to the hair.
  • Clip-in hair extensions – these are made with clips at the end for efficient fastening.
  • Wigs – we also specialize in making a variety of wigs of every color and size, not to mention the pattern.
  • Micro-link extensions – having definite micro-links, we manufacture these extensions with great care and ambition.
  • Fusion or pre-bonded – the type of hair extensions that can be secured to the hair by using definite glue. That glue can be removed by the application of a blow dryer.

We offer the above-mentioned types of hair extensions. However, we can also come up with any custom design you decide to have. As said above, our team is well equipped with all the necessary materials and technology to create the type of hair extension that comes under your demands.

Our manufacturing processes

We have a unique manufacturing process. Our place is full of all the necessary machinery that is used to create beautiful hair extensions from the following principle raw materials.

  • Real human hair

There are definite hair donors that we employ. They have hair that is not only impeccable but also filled with necessary features for a hair extension. In the process of cutting their hair, we take care to obtain it from the place that has the healthiest strands. We also take care of the health and the comfort of the donor. If we feel that he or she is unwilling and is not feeling well due to the process, we immediately stop it and allow the donor to exit our place.

We do not obtain hair from any type or species of animal. This is because we believe that the purpose of the hair extensions could be best served by the human hair only and not by any animal hair.

However, saying that does not mean that we don’t have any kind of knack for them if our customers say so. We can obtain quality hair from an animal of your choice without harming it. We, then, can make strands from them that are invaluable to your business.

  • Artificial hair:

As the name suggests, artificial hair is made from all the artificial materials out there. Whether it is plastic or any other kind of material that you want us to create hair strands from, we can have them created and shipped to you right away. All you’d have to do is place your order, tell us which poly-chain material is to be used in the creation of the hair extensions, and we’d be done with it in no time. Afterward, we are done, we’d happily transfer the order to you as per the agreement between us.

Our quality control policy

Since we don’t compromise on the quality of the hair extensions that we make, we have a definite quality control protocol that guides us through the pathway of the creation of our products. This protocol is more than just a set of rules. Actually, it is what we believe in and what we follow.

Throughout our course as a company, we have been following it by all means and never letting go of it.

According to this policy:

  • We do not accept hair from any kind of unhealthy person.
  • To ensure the safety of the person and the hair obtained, we take care that neither of them gets hurt or anything else.
  • The materials or equipment to be used is kept sterilized and it is used with great caution. This has to be made a priority for the sake of our products and the donors.
  • All of the hair obtained from the donors are to be placed in a hygienic place with minimal or no moisture and with adequate provisions for the anti-germ approach.
  • We are to give the deserved compensation to the donors and help them stay comfortable through the process.
  • We are entitled to the use of the hair of the donors for the purposes of making hair extension and also supplying them to our clients for other purposes that are meant to create opportunities and products for the customers and nothing else.
  • If we are to use artificial means of creating hair extensions, we use only those materials that are deemed by the WHO as suitable for the human use. We are to value the protocols of the health of our local health facility.
  • We are to make sure that in the process of creating hair extensions from the hair of a human/animal or any artificial material, none of our employees are hurt in any way.
  • We are to ensure superior customer service to our clients and offer them the products that they have asked for.

As you can see, even our policy highly demands that we practice due caution in making the hair strands as perfect as possible. We take due diligence in doing so and this is one of the reasons why we are preferred over the rest of our competitors.

We align our packaging with your brand

Any product is as good as its packaging and any business is as good as its product. There is a mutual relationship between a product, it’s packaging, and the business owning that product.

Therefore, ample attention has to be given to the packaging if any of the business is aspired to be grown. We particularly take care of that when we pack our products.

In the event of receiving these products, you wouldn’t have to worry about the display at all. Since we have been in the industry for far too long, we know the nitty-gritty of the way packaging has to be done.

Whether it is the windowed packaging or any special kind of design that you have come up with, we can help you get them by manufacturing them for you. The collaboration of our design team and product manufacturing team work together in case if a customer wishes to have packaging as well.

You can call us right away to get a quote on both of the products that we offer. We must tell you that even though both of the products are not mutually exclusive from each other, we can still provide them to you as a separate entity. Whether separate or together, we offer them both at a reasonable price and this is what makes us the best wholesale hair suppliers in the country.