Wholesale Leather Jackets Supplier in Pakistan

A little about us

Looking for a new leather jacket? Wholesale Leather Jackets in Pakistan provide you with the best quality leather jackets which are not only made with the top quality material but they are also very cheap compared to price which is offered in the market. There is not even a single person who is present on the face of this world and doesn’t like the feel which the leather jacket gives him. Well if you think along the same lines then you are at the right place. At Wholesale Leather Jackets in Pakistan the products which are obviously jackets are made with total pure leather. We actually don’t compromise when it comes to the quality of the product which we develop. Our products are long lasting and whenever you put them on, you feel like you are wearing it for the first time and it doesn’t loses its touch of the newness as it always looks new and never looks as if you has bought it last year. There are many companies who make their products from the fake materials, however, we highly oppose the idea of deceiving our customers. We only make the promises which we can fulfill and not the ones which cannot be fulfilled by us. We only make the products which are completely original and the best suitable for our customers. The quality of the jacket made by Wholesale Leather Jackets in Pakistan can be checked once you put it on, you get the feel as if you are not even wearing anything but you still feel warm. It is the quality of our product that we make our product which is not only lightweight but is also really smooth. We know that when customers are looking for a leather jacket, they only seek the product which is not only cheap but also looks like as if it is bought for a million bucks. You can relish in the quality and comfort of the jacket as it is not only comfortable but is also very stylish so you don’t need to worry about anything. There are many popular brands also developed by us. At Wholesale Leather Jackets, you are given everything you want and at the cheapest price in the whole market and on the internet. You can check it, be satisfied and then come to us.

There has been only one motive for Wholesale Leather Jackets and that is to satisfy its customers with the products and the services that it provide them. There have been many years now since we were established and from then on, we have made countless of products which are worldwide known for their quality and textures. We have made our products in such a way that they are not only the best in quality but they are also cheap that people can afford. We have succeeded in making people happy as they can simply now buy the top quality jackets and they don’t have to faint while seeing the price because the price is actually affordable by the moderate class of people. We know that half of the customers turn away when they look at the price and that is why we kept the price of our product very low so that many people could buy it without having to worry about the money. We have been making products and supplying them to the consumer, however, with time we have also advanced as by simply visiting our website, you can place your order and can receive in the time. All of this at Wholesale Leather Jackets in Pakistan.

How the Jackets are made?

The process of the making of the jackets is started way before and it takes many steps to build even a single jacket that can satisfy the customer. The first step is the collecting of the raw materials so that the stuff to make the jacket is gathered before going through the process. Rolls upon rolls of the leather, denim and also other fabrics along with cotton are met with another material namely the horsehides, cowhides and the skin of the lamb along with other natural skins so that they are mixed up before the actual process of making the jacket is begun. This is the initial step of the making of our popular products which are known globally. This is how the mixing of raw materials is carried out atWholesale Leather Jackets in Pakistan.

Then the next step involved in the process of making the leather jackets is known as the matching of the colors. This process is done very carefully as it requires much care in the choosing of the hide for the respective jacket. This process is done before the process of cutting the hide of leather. This process is carried with the help of the experienced craftspeople. They pay extra attention and very carefully cut the jacket from the hide which is matched in the texture, grain along with the color. This process defines the quality of our product and makes it unique from all the jackets which are offered by other companies and factories. This is one of the main aspects to why Wholesale Leather Jackets in Pakistan stands out this much.

Our experts show their experience in this stage as well. Actually Wholesale Leather Jackets in Pakistan prefer using the hand power more than simply using because we honestly think that the ones made by hand are really great and are superior in the aspect of the quality from the ones which are made by machines only. The fabrics and the pieces of the leathers are cut with the help of the patterns which are made with professionalism that is required to maintain the quality of every jacket that we make. The fabrics can actually be cut into stacks by simply with the aid of the patterns that are printed on the paper, however, the hides of the leather which is raw are actually cut by hand with the help of the laser-cut which is heavy and the patterns of plastic. Our quality is what defines Wholesale Leather Jackets in Pakistan.

The next step in the process is know as the cutting of the leather. This step is very tough and needs much focus as the cutting is done by using only a blade handled by hand. The highly experienced cutters who have years of experience perform this art as they craft the hide one by one and only one at one interval of time. The experienced cutters know everything about the changes of strength on the surface of the area and they do this process slowly and with the precision and efficiency required to provide the quality to the jacket and also remove any kind of fault which they may see. This provides the texture to the jackets made by Wholesale Leather Jackets in Pakistan.

In this step, the pieces which were cut are gathered and bundled so that they are given for assembly in which all the pieces are gathered together at the end. The prices which will eventually become the smaller parts of the jacket are again cut down into smaller pieces. The pieces which will be the insides of the jacket are gathered and organized. The jackets which Wholesale Leather Jackets make are made all the way from inside-out and this all is done so not let the stitching be visible. In the next step, they inner and the outer parts of the jacket are gathered and organized before the sewn while still being inside-out. Now the jacket is being stitched all over so to give it the look that it needs and the shape along with edges. This process is also very detailed and required much focus so that the quality of the jacket is maintained so that it is assured that the jacket is durable and will support you for a long time to come. Now, the jacket is given the hardware which it needs to look really good. The last step before it being supplied to you is the last inspection of the jacket when it is checked again that the quality is up to our level then it is tagged and finally it becomes the official product of Wholesale Leather Jackets

Why us?

We don’t think that we need to give you more explanation because we have already described the way how top quality jackets of Wholesale Leather Jackets in Pakistan are made. We actually give the ability to the customer that he can order more than just one jacket and we will gladly take his order. You are also given the ability hand us the modification that you need in the jacket and we will give you a specific time in which your jacket will be developed like you want it to be. We give you the ability to pay after getting your jacket so that you are satisfied with our services. We are available anytime you want to place your order and we will gladly take your order as you are provided with the ability to simply connect with our expert who is always available on the chat service. In the end, it is you that we care about. Above and all these are the reasons due to which we are popular. Wholesale Leather Jackets in Pakistan has really become worldwide known with its quality products.