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We specialize in Wholesale Hair Extensions and you can benefit from the myriads of deals that we provide.

There is a battle going on between the retailers and the wholesalers. Certain businesses prefer the latter while other prefer the former. Both have benefits of their own, but when it comes to the majority, the choice is, of course, the wholesalers.


Because they are the ones that sell products at far less price than the retailers, they are preferred. The quality of the product might remain the same to that of the retailers, but the quantity provided by the wholesalers is greater. And we should also mention that the quality is provided at a price that is very affordable and compliant with the norms of all the market and business dynamics.

So, if you’re a business owner and you’re looking for a good deal in terms of having bundles of Wholesale Hair Extensions, you should do it with the wholesalers. They will sell you the goods in bulk amount and ask for payment that is lesser when compared to that of the retailer.

Well, that was all about the possibilities you can have with the wholesalers. There are many hair extension wholesalers out there, but that doesn’t mean that you should be doing business with everyone.

Not only that, if you are a consumer and you’re looking for a bulk quantity to buy, you too cannot risk your stakes and your money in arbitrarily choosing a wholesaler.

In this regard, we extend our services to you. We have been serving people like you and deliver huge quantities of the Wholesale Hair Extensions for a little amount. It is definitely the experience that speaks in this industry and we have it by all means.

Throughout our career as wholesalers, we have seen many ups and down, but what has kept us going is the unflinching trust that we’ve received from the businesses and customers that we have dealt with.

So, this is our story in short. If you want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the businesses that we’ve helped reach heights and the customers that we’ve made happy, feel free to place your quote and have our products at our threshold.

That being said, let us now talk about the products that we offer and the materials that we use with the quality control protocols that we use.

Our Hair Extension Products

Hair extension industry is in bloom these days. We see an appreciable increase in the way customers of any gender is increasingly opting for these products. Needless to say, from the fashion industry to the individual customer, our sale graphs are ever-increasing, thanks to the products that we are producing.

We have incorporated the extent of variety in our product line-up. Our products have the versatility that you are looking for. Since we have a bird’s eye view of the market, we know the influx of the interest in the particular type of products. After knowing it, we extend our efforts in making what the market asks for.

Therefore, what we produce is appealing to both the customers and individual businesses alike.

This is an opportunity for you to align with the top-selling Wholesale Hair Extensions provider and wholesaler. As we said above, you too can become a part of a revolution and that revolution is in the way hair extension businesses are working these days.

Now, back to the variety.

Following are few of the products that we produce.

1. Tap-in or tap-out Wholesale Hair Extensions

These are made by keeping the demand of the market in mind. People are always looking for conveniences and this is the convenience they can get. By using this they can easily have the extensions taped to their hair.

2. Sew-in extensions

We have made these extensions that can be sewn to the hair. The end stripe is made with quality material that is used by the hairdresser to sew it to the hair of the user.

3. Fusion or pre-bonded

We have developed this type so that they can be secured to the hair with the help of glue. That glue can be made hardened with a blower and can be removed with the help of glue remover.

4. Micro-link extension

Customers that search for the hassle-free installations of the Wholesale Hair Extensions always buys micro-link extensions in great numbers. They can be secured easily by using the micro-links that are present at the stripe end.

5. Wigs

Aside from the Wholesale Hair Extensions, we also specialize in making wigs of any size. All of these are made with keeping the general makeup of the human hair and the needs that they are used for. For example, there are curled wigs that are used for only braids and then there are straight wigs that are mainly used for extending the hair length of an individual.

6. Clip-in hair extension

As the name suggests, these extensions come with clips that can be easily secured to the hair of the user.

The above-mentioned hair extension types are not the only ones that we have. There are a number of other varieties that you can ask for. Also, if you wish to have a custom order placed, we can also do that.

Talking about the colors of the extensions, we have every type of color that the market demands. From brown to blue and red, whatever your demands are.

Not only that, we too can produce a hair extension that has blended colors.

More than color, the quality of the product is what matters the most to the businesses that have bought our extensions.

Our quality control

We are keen on producing Wholesale Hair Extensions that are made without harming any kind of animal. They are made by keeping the eco-friendly approach in mind and this is what makes us stand out from the rest.

Talking about the quality, we only accept hair donations from healthy individuals when it comes to using real human hair. The Wholesale Hair Extensions that are used have consistency in their strands and all the cells on the microscopic level flow in their natural manner. There’s no discrepancy whatsoever in the way the strands appear and look.

As for the artificial wholesale hair extensions, we use synthetic materials that are better in quality and that are rarely rejected by anyone.

We have a team that has all the abilities and skills to pick only the right material for the right extension type. We don’t apply the one-size-fits-for-all formula and this is why we are soaring high on the landscape of the industry we are in.

It is this team that has enabled us to make marvels out of the simplest raw materials available out there. Through their expertise, we have been able to look into our quality more than before and we have been reaping its fruits.

Our prices

We have been saying again and again in this article that all of our prices depend on the bulk order that you make. We don’t overcharge as well as we don’t undercharge. All of our prices are reasonable and you’d sense the difference once you place the order. That can be done quite easily also. All you’d have to do is visit our website and place your quote. Our representative will contact you and you’d be given details about the deal. Afterward, if you think the price is reasonable, we’d be able to forward the deal, otherwise, it is completely up to you to cancel the deal.

Throughout our course of business, we have indeed made difference through the quality that we provide and the price that we charge.

If you’re a business owner, getting on for a business with us would be in your greater interest. However, if you’re a consumer, you, too, can order bulk order for the best of using them for a longer time, though our individual product is made with prudence and it wouldn’t disappoint you in terms of working for a long time.

So, have yourself adorned with the hair extensions that we produce. Buy them at a wholesale and have yourself treated well both in terms of the price and the quality.

Our packaging

The product that we offer is not only about the hair extensions but also about their packaging. We use boxes of all types for our products and all of them are made of a quality corrugated material that is perfect to keep the products in the perfect state.

All of the boxes that we have are produced indigenously by us and our specialty in producing them is commendable. You can have all the products secured in them the way you like and we can assure you their top-notch quality.

It depends on the individual needs of a person how he demands the packaging and looking at the different types of hair extensions we know exactly how should be the packaging.

Whether you are a business owner or a consumer, you can have the products in bulk and you don’t need to look anywhere else because we are the best Wholesale Hair Extensions suppliers in the market.