Make up pakistani eye makeup

Pakistani Eye Makeup Tips How to Apply Eye Makeup

To make up your eyes is essential that you know your potential so you can full advantage them out and get a deeper look bright. teaches you to be dressed up in their natural form and thus achieve all eyes settle on yours. The first thing to do is identify what kind of eyes…

Make up Makeup Tricks to Look Younger

50 Makeup Tricks to Look Younger That Nobody Told You About

It is no secret that there are tricks of makeup to look younger , even 10 years younger look. The key is to apply the right way to not produce the opposite effect. Hair and makeup tricks to take off years in the mirror. Follow the experts to hit with your makeup and your hairstyle…


Pakistani Male Models Tv Actors Most Viral New Faces

Pakistani Male Models   [envira-gallery id="4504"] Abdullah Ejaz 1 :-He was born in Lahore, Pakistan on 10 June 1983. He was also brought up in Lahore, Pakistan. As a model, Ejaz has worked for Pakistani fashion designers such as HSY, Karma, and Mehdi, as well as the brand ChenOne. He has appeared in many advertisements…

Health 15 Healthy Habits that your skin will appreciate

15 Healthy Habits that your skin will appreciate

We all want perfect skin but is it really easy to get it? Cosmetic is helpful to keep the youth of your skin, but especially to protect her from the first manifestations of time; however, the lifestyle can also be useful, and can help to care for the skin. Beyond cosmetics, you need to incorporate…

Workout Exercises You Can Do to Tone your Buttocks

8 Fitness Tips For Women to lose Buttocks in a Week

You want to exercise, but between school and work you have little free time. Also, you do not want to miss a single episode of your favorite series. A dilemma, right? No, and here we have the solution, which includes a routine of 8 exercises where you can train your legs while you are sitting…

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