10 Winter Perks Every Pakistani Looks Forward to

10 Winter Perks Every Pakistani Looks Forward to

Winters are a very special occasion in Pakistan and not because of Christmas or Halloween, which the majority of us Muslim folks barely take notice of, but for the unlimited winter perks that the season has to offer.

  1. Winter Mornings – Subah ka Thanda Mausam!

Waking up to the cold winter breeze is a refreshing change from the blistering hot summers. That feeling of wanting to snuggle up into the blanket for just a few more seconds makes getting up all the more difficult!

  1. You can Finally Sport that Expensive Hand Woven Shawl

If you live in the Northern side of Pakistan you must have a collection of beautiful shawls which you’re probably dying to wear!

Winters are the only time you can carry that elegant and classy look that comes effortlessly and works with every outfit – Perfect for when you’re running late!

  1. Winter Means Coffee!

The weather in Pakistan is typically very hot which makes coffee an inconceivable option for most of us (Sincerest apologies to the coffee addicts) hence by default we reserve our coffee mugs for when the blankets start coming out. And that creamy frothy cup of deliciousness definitely lives up to all our expectations.

  1. Peanuts – Moong Phali

Snacking in winters is much more fun because you have loads of goodies to choose from. For example, dry fruits make for the perfect fix for those midnight hunger pangs that somehow become more consistent and intense with the weather – Pulling up the blankets to munch on some peanuts is the best!

  1. Great Hair Days

That feeling of pure joy when you know you can snooze for an extra 10 minutes because you don’t have to wrestle with the comb early in the morning is BLISSFUL! Long locks become much more manageable in winters, and if you’re dealing with a little frizz then there’s nothing a little serum can’t fix.

  1. The Wedding Season Boom!

If you’re living in Pakistan and don’t have at least 1 wedding lined up for the Nov-Jan wedding season then you’re either a tourist, a non-desi or have been living under a rock!

Honestly, this isn’t even a joke. In Pakistan, winters are synonymous for weddings galore! People all around start getting hitched, because everyone wants to enjoy the cold winter evenings by flaunting their expensive joras and lehengas without melting in the heat – Good thinking guys!

  1. Perfect Time for a trip to the Northern Areas

If you’re a fan of natural beauty, adventure and traveling then winters are the absolute best time to plan a trip to the Northern Areas. View the beautiful snow-covered mountains and scenery, and enjoy the great weather. Visit the gorgeous Hunza Valley, Gilgit, Nathiagali, Skardu, and Swat!

Winters in Pakistan are thoroughly celebrated because they only last for a few months until the scorching sun takes time control yet again. So go on and enjoy the chilly weather while it lasts!