Wholesale Cosmetics Suppliers in Pakistan

If you are looking for the best Wholesale Cosmetics Suppliers in Pakistan including its major cities like Lahore, Karachi and others, you are definitely at the right place. Though there are many cosmetics wholesale market in Karachi, wholesale cosmetics shops in Lahore, but the main point to ponder is quality of these cosmetics. List of cosmetics companies in Karachi, wholesale cosmetics dealers in Karachi, list of cosmetics distributors in Karachi, cosmetics wholesalers in Lahore, cosmetics shops in Karachi and the Pakistan cosmetic manufacturers association gets long when we come to mention them.

The thing that makes us stand out in front of all these suppliers is reasonable pricing and high quality of our products!

Whether you want to look at around the latest trends in beauty this season or discover everyday beauty requirements, this is a one-stop solution to looking your best. Save yourself from the sun with sun protection products; look for the perfect look for an event with makeup and hair-styling tools; pick the best in Perfumes for gifting. We are committed to ensure 100% buying protection for the users as we provide the benefit of a secure and safe ordering experience with convenient payment options.

A look is simply not complete without complimenting cosmetics. That’s where our makeup products come in! We have handpicked these high-quality formulas so that your customers may bring out their natural beauty or go for a bold look.

What we supply

We’ve even got rich face masks so that your customers may treat themselves to an at-home spa day. Browse our large selection featuring shiny lip gloss, illuminating highlighter, bronzer for contour, everyday tools, inky mascara and much more.

No matter what type of products you decide, rest assured that these formulas are high-quality and that your customers will delight in the new assortment!

We acquire large quantities of fashion accessories, so that we can offer this merchandise to our customers at below wholesale prices. We bring you an amazing assortment of products in many brands and styles.

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Figure out confidence and locate a beautiful you with the cosmetics requirements  that offer everything you need for a cosmetics bag that has your look covered, whatever the event.

Add extra glimmer with eye shadow, create flawless skin with foundation and enhance your look with impressive after hours eye lining flicks – all with top rated, durable treatments from luxury manufacturers you can count on.

Who we are

We are a trusted wholesale supplier of makeup closeouts and overstock from the nation’s established department stores and manufacturers. Our specialty is wholesale cosmetics, and we no longer resell anything else to master the industry.

We are wholesale cosmetics distributors and suppliers and offer free shipping for cosmetics with quick delivery even to the remotest areas of the country. For red hot lipstick and more, discover our comprehensive collection today.

It makes no difference what is your complexion or your type of epidermis, we have all sorts of beauty which will create your web cosmetics purchasing a desert walk. Equipment up and get going to stock your makeup kit with the best beauty products available at the wholesale prices.

From the beginning we strive to provide fast shipping, excellent customer service and accurate order fulfillment. Due to these core values, we have now become the site for reliable and reputable beauty supplies source.

We believe in keeping up with the latest trend. We do this by attending many trade and industry shows and events throughout the year. We also love listening to our customers as they tell us what brands they are interested in seeing on our site. We take all suggestions very seriously!

Our approach

We purchase overstock and closeouts of makeup from manufacturers here in Pakistan. As the only online wholesaler to sell truly custom and premium lots of cosmetics, we urge you to test a makeup lot, ensure the quality of our inventory, and promise you will be back to make another investment!

Everything is authentic, packaged securely, bubble wrapped to survive the trip to you. If there are any issues with your shipment, feel free to contact us and we will fix it!

Once you’ve gained our trust and recuperated your investment, we know you will be back for another unique, high quality brand name lot. As a discount retailer, we have and will continue to bring you both prestige and mass products at the best possible pricing. We source our authentic products from retail shelf pull and manufacturer excess inventories. The products we offer at discount may be less than retail perfect and that is one reason we can offer them so cheaply.

Why choose us

All Cosmetics Wholesale specialize in providing discount, high end cosmetics at wholesale and below wholesale pricing. As well as rare and hard to find items.

The products we provide are new and guaranteed100% authentic. Many of our discount items are shelf pull items therefore there may be some shop ware on the packaging.  We are retail and wholesale supplier of 1,000+ cosmetic ingredients for making personal care products and color cosmetics.

We also offer a large selection of cosmetic containers and equipment for manufacturing skincare products and color cosmetics.

We operate under quality standards, thus specializing in ingredients for making personal care products and color cosmetics. We are proud to be one of the very first companies in Pakistan that has established itself as a leading retail supplier of cosmetic ingredients for small businesses and individuals.

We offer a wide range of cosmetic ingredients, raw materials and tools for manufacturing personal care products and color cosmetics. We also offer free help service and provide a wealth of information including formulas, videos, newsletters, resources, and articles.

Our customers and team

Our customers include small cosmetic manufacturers, spas, pharmacies, medical doctors, beauty studios, hair & nail studios, and individuals interested in producing their own cosmetics and personal care products.

We are a team of dedicated professionals with various backgrounds including cosmetic formulating, cosmetology, medical science, laboratory research, and customer service. Our goal is to provide exclusively high quality products along with an outstanding customer service.

Factors that make us unique

Commitment to Quality

Quality is part of our everyday routine; it is part of our culture, the way we work, and why we take pride in what we do. Our dedication to quality is reinforced by our commitment to operate strictly under quality standards including all internal and external processes and procedures, from the selection of suppliers to the delivery of goods to customers.

Commitment to Natural and Organic Products

We are committed to providing you as many raw materials as possible derived from truly natural, GMO-free or certified organic sources allowing you to create pure natural products that are commercially not available.

Commitment to Cruelty-Free Products

We pledge to be cruelty free. We believe that animals should not suffer and die to test cosmetics or cosmetic ingredients. We therefore avoid doing business with companies that make animals suffer for their products or supporting corporations that abuse animals.

Commitment to Organic Products

We are committed to offering you only pure organic ingredients that are certified.  Thus, we provide you with authentic organic products.

So, why waste time? Contact us right now and get the best cosmetic products within your approach!