15 Simple Makeup Tips For Girls Who Prefer a More Natural Style

Makeup, when applied properly, can help you look better. This only takes a few extra minutes in the morning for a look that can make you feel more confident and ready to face your day. For those who are not accustomed to daily makeup it may seem difficult, but there are some simple tricks that can help you with your homework without you look ‘too’ painted.

As you may realize, the basic steps are to use foundation and concealer; mascara; delinearte eyelids and if you want to apply some neutral color shade; delineándolos first paint your lips. A bonus may be applying blush and to outline and make up your eyebrows, but not essential.Here are some tips for you that you want to look even more beautiful, but at the same time natural.

1. After adding makeup base apply concealer in strategic areas


The way to apply concealer is inverted pyramid shaped under the eye, instead of drawing a crescent. With that your face will look brighter.

2. If you are not an expert with the eyeliner, apply on eyelash curler



Paint a line with the eyeliner pencil on the top of the curler; then use it in your eyes and you’ll get while a curly eyelashes and delineated upper eyelid.

3. Only makes up your eyebrows to get a good look when you have time to apply more makeup



4. To intensify the color of your old liner pencil, just a few seconds heat it with a lighter



5. To achieve a delineated ‘ cat eye ‘ perfect can use a card or tape as a guide



6. delineated poorly laid out? Do not worry: use a swab to remove excess


7. To achieve a larger eyelashes, heat the curler with hair dryer



Then curl your lashes and apply mascara without removing the curler eyelashes

8. Use a spoon to guide you when you use the blush on your cheeks



If it is difficult for you to find the hollows under the cheekbones to mark the outline of your face, take a spoon and put it on your cheeks to draw the baseline. The area is just below the spoon is where you apply blush powder or gel.

9. Align a spoon in the curve of your eyebrows to get a perfect arc



The curve of a large spoon is perfect for delineating the arc of your eyebrows. Use this line as a guide and begins to fill in your eyebrows with slight movements.

10. Draw a hashtag  or ‘cat’ inclined in the outer corner of the eyelid to achieve the effect of  smokey-eyes



Create a smokey-eyes effect, draw bel hashtag symbol just before the outer corner of the eye and then blend it with the help of brushes

11. Another way to contour your face is drawing a number 3

Outlining his face GIF girl drawing a number 3

Just follow the pattern as shown in the image.

12. If you have run out of eyeliner, mascara can replace



Use an eyeliner brush and remove some mascara brush; then I use it to line your eyes.

13. If you want your lips to have a volume effect



Use clear eyeliner pencil, draw some lines and blur the lines, then apply lip color of your choice.

14. Apply makeup base with downward strokes



Applying makeup in descending order helps you hide the fluff that forms on your cheeks.

15. If you use eyeliner inside your eye on the bottom, turns white or skin color to make your eyes look wider and brighter