Makeup Tricks to Look Younger

50 Makeup Tricks to Look Younger That Nobody Told You About

It is no secret that there are tricks of makeup to look younger , even 10 years younger look. The key is to apply the right way to not produce the opposite effect.

Hair and makeup tricks to take off years in the mirror.

Follow the experts to hit with your makeup and your hairstyle from the 40 to be great advice. Discover the 25 tricks that give you to look younger. Take note!

For our makeup does not make us appear more years than we have it is essential that the skin is relaxed and rested. Should prepare before natural masks

In what way we can look younger and fresh face ? As you know, good nutrition and a correct lifestyle are essential keys. However, makeup can be a great ally.

However, we must be careful. The makeup has rules , some tricks. If we do this incorrectly we can make the mistake of putting on “more years” of those who truly have. But with a few simple tricks, you can have a really great look. You want to know these simple secrets? You then disclose it .

1. A full look of light

What would a pretty face without a rested and bright eyes ? So is. As you can already guess, one of the essential keys to look younger is to start with our eyes.One of the greatest enemies of our eyes are those annoying dark circles . They, who give us sometimes older than we have.

Who has not suffered any morning? Let’s see what we can do to clarify them.

Tricks to correct dark circles and bags under the eyes

Imagine you wake up one morning with bad. With those terrible dark circles under the eyes . No problem. Dare to follow these simple steps:

  • Prepare  an infusion of chamomile . Half a glass of water with two bags of chamomile.
  • While doing so, take a small spoon of coffee and put it in the refrigerator.
  • When chamomile has rested, take those two bags and put one in each eye for 5 minutes. Then, take that spoon you had in the refrigerator and apply it in their eyes. In dark circles. The chill of the metal will flow resumes. It is really effective.
  • Go combining cool spoon with chamomile bag. You see what good-looking now have your eyes. Ready to be dressed up.

Tricks eye makeup

First we’ll use a good “first” or freebase eye . Thus imperfections are dimmed and the shadows last longer. Use a good illumination, as this offer light to the eyes.

We Marseillaises eyelashes with mascara and will outline only the top of the eye.In the bottom of malarial it is ideal to use a white eyeliner. It gives more depth to your look. Also uses shades of  warm colors like peach, pink or gold , that make your skin more warm and sweeter.

2. A fresh, pink skin

Homemade Facials for younger looking skin

There are simple home remedies by which to get look younger. Its secret lies in its natural properties, nutrition and exceptional benefits. Notes how to make these facial.

1. Cucumber Mask

  • Medium peeled and sliced cucumber.
  • 2 bags of chamomile.
  • A bag of green tea.
  • 5 grams of aloe vera gel ( aloe vera ).

The first thing we do is  a smoothie with cucumber and aloe vera . Once ready, take it to the fire and allows infusion with chamomile and tea is made. It should be a little thick. It allowed to stand and, once cool, apply it on the face with a cotton ball.

Let act 10 minutes then rinse with warm water.

2. Mask of papaya and honey

  • Puree half papaya .
  • 3 tablespoons honey.
  • 3 tablespoons natural Greek yogurt.

Use a bowl or a bowl to mix all ingredients. You can apply yourself at night cream , and allowing your skin to act in about 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. You see how beautiful your skin notes.

Makeup tips for your face

  • Use a good base also shield you from  the sun’s rays . Make it a tone lower than your skin, and with a satin finish. It provides a very appropriate, flattering and youthful result.
  • Use your cheeks a good illuminator:  will provide a fresh and delicate touch.Peach color, for example, is very effective.
  • Shaping your eyebrows with a brown pencil. You know you are fashionable a little bushy eyebrows. We give a more cheerful, friendly and youthful. Remember for example eyebrows Audrey Hepburn ?

3. Healthy and sexy lips


Simple tricks to show off some great lips

As you know, one of the main enemies of lips or have them dry skins . They give a tired and even sick air. And what’s worse, when you want to be dressed up it is impossible. Because carmine does not stick, because it offers just wrong and it is not pretty.

Notes all you have to do to shine pretty lips  and look younger:

  • Make an infusion of chamomile. Only half a cup with a teabag. It allowed to stand.
  • Once it is warm, take a cotton pad and rub your lips with him.
  • Now take a spoonful of sugar and apply it on a cotton, then exfoliate your lips with him. Make a gentle massage, so, remove all the dead skin.
  • Now apply a little Vaseline .
  • Allowed to act on your lips about 10 minutes, then remove with a new massage.
  • Now, your lips should already be free of impurities, cool and well hydrated. Shall we now choose a color? You know when putting on makeup mouth should be a balance. If your eyes are heavily laden with mascara and shadow, choose a nude or pink hue to your lips.
  • If, however, have highlighted just a little lashes, and lights a soft shadows, you can choose a color of higher lips. A flattering color is, for example, orange or cherry.

Remember to look younger in your makeup are essential glare , good foundations and especially not recharge much the face.