15 Makeup Tips for Pakistani Girls And Women Must Know

i am writing this post for those Pakistani women who dont have much experince about Cool Make Tips .how to get ready instant . Cool Makeup Tips That No One Had Dared to Reveal The’ll love!

You do not have to be a professional to look extraordinary makeup, just enough to use a few Tips . Although it seems difficult and time-consuming to know the colors that go you more, how much you put on and how to apply cosmetics to look good, with daily practice and perfect your makeup will expedite.

Top Makeup Tips for Pakistani Girls And Women

Looking good does not mean you have to take hours to accomplish. Once you know how to apply makeup, you can use it to your advantage.

Here are some Tips you’ll love to know.

 1. Burning with a lighter tip eyeliner


Grab your eyeliner and using a lighter pencil sets the flame at the tip for a second, let it cool a bit and you’ll notice the change in its consistency. Moreover, this is less likely to smudging stroke.

2. If you want your shadows stand out, paint your eyelid first with white eyeliner


To highlight eye shadow, eyeliner pencil making white and fills your eyelids. The opaque white tone become more intense any color shade that you apply.

3. To make the style “cat’s eye”, first draws the outline leaving an open space


It is easier to achieve a “cat’s eye” if you paint the outline first and then filled the interior with a brush.

4. Use a spoon to achieve a perfect outlined


Place the spoon against the outer corner of the eye and draw a line to the first step cat eye line.Then flip the spoon and place it on your eyelid. Use the rounded outer edge to create a curved effect.

5. In the outer corner of the eye draws a hashtag and then blend it for a smoky effect


To achieve an easily smoky eye, draw a symbol  hashtag (#) at the outer corner of the eye and then esfúmalo with your finger or a brush.

6. To avoid mascara stains on your eyelids using a spoon



Protect your eyelid with her; then paint your lashes as you normally do. As sconces mascara you will see that

the residues left in the back of the spoon instead of staining your skin.

7. Add drops of saline to your mascara


Mascara should last three months; then you can pick up bacteria and cause eye infections. If dry during this time, you can smooth it with a few drops of saline.

 8. Sprinkle hot air on your eyelash curler and so will ripple easier


The heat will make your lashes easily curling and remain curled longer. Place your clamp against a hair dryer until hot, wait for it to cool a little and then use it as usual.

9. Apply translucent powder between each layer of mascara


Your lashes thicker and mascara will look better set.

10. With the tip of a hair clasp apply glue your false eyelashes


This trick allows uniformly disperse the glue along the lashes. Wait a few seconds before putting.

11. For lasting more lipstick, absorbs excess color with a scarf


Then set the color with translucent powder and passes once again lipstick color you chose.

12. If eye shadow blends with Vaseline get your personal color


You can use a color that is your favorite shade and tone lips. Mix with a little Vaseline and then apply it.

13. Perfecting the bow of your lips by drawing an “X” in the upper lip as a guide



For the “Cupid’s bow” on your lips is perfect, the easiest and fastest way is to paint an “X” in the upper lip with a lip liner the same shade of lipstick.

14. Hides dark circles and puffy eyes creating a triangle with the corrector


One of the best ways to use the corrector is to form a triangle below the lower lash line and direct it towards the cheek. This advice helps you to hide dark circles and redness at the bottom of your eye. Instantly the illusion that your face is lifted, as the brightest spot of the face below the eye will be created.

15. Use a pencil or the handle of a brush as a guide to shape your cheekbone


If you want a natural look, place it just below the cheekbones (the bone below) to find the right angle to your face. Bronzer applied with a thick brush.

9 tips basic makeup to be beautiful in 5 minutes

Our time, even in summer, is often scarce and even more for putting on makeup. But do not worry, because there are nine basic tips that you can apply in 5 minutes to be beautiful. 

1- Look after your skin

more important for makeup What is the skin, so my advice is that you take care: exfoliates, moisturizes and protect it , so you will not have to wear heavy foundation and concealers . To cover imperfections

2- Corrector

Before to go outside need to do not forget to apply it , it will help you improve your appearance.you Disfrazarás signs of tiredness, fatigue, dark circles and small imperfections on the skin. you need to use one in a shade lighter  than the base of makeup. Once you apply, you need to even it with the help of your fingertips.

3- Base makeup

is essential to make your skin look the same color, also to hide some imperfections and especially for you to give birth to your face . I recommend you use a base that is similar to the color of your skin , because this way you ‘ll look super natural. At this time of year when we sweat and hot weather , we recommend a BBcream or CC cream , which are moisturizers with color, quite effectively when cover.

4- translucent powder

Nobody likes to have a very bright face , so apply yourself a dust layer will ensure you avoid it .Do you know why the dust is also a staple of this routine 5 minutes? That helps set properly concealer and makeup.

5- eyeshadows in warm colors

tones and brown, bronze to the ‘nude’ become an excellent choice for a ‘look’ natural. For the color is balanced, apply with the aid of a brush . Remember that light colors will light your eyes. Do not forget a good dither!

6- Mascara

In a sexy and striking eyes can not miss the mask. It uses two layers, both the lower and upper lashes, because that will give greater expression to your look. The most recommended colors are black, coffee and even brown. Remember, the Tips is to create a super natural look.

7- enhance lips

If you want to highlight your lips, the colors used are e l fuchsia and coral in all ranges. This season the trend – that are matte finish , so if you choose these tones do not use gloss over.

8- to shade the skin

If you want to show off a tanned look, use toners matte or satin. it is preferable to use them instead of sun exposure, since our skin may darken, dry or even in the worst case have anallergic reaction.

9. How to light our features

Use illuminators for light. You can  apply anywhere on the face , always taking into account the shape of your face. Generally favors us all if we apply the cheekbone area and the arch of the eyebrows.

My favorite BB cream:

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  • Bb Cream Biotherm Aquasource 14 €
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