Makeup is an indispensable tool for the feminine appearance. Knowing how to use this resource correctly has the power to highlight your strengths and camouflage some possible imperfections that you want to hide. Know, then, the Top 10 Best Lips Makeup Tricks for Pakistani GirlsĀ .

Top 10 Best Lips Makeup Tricks for Pakistani Girls

The makeup is a great ally of your beauty, but also has its secrets. It is not enough to fill the need of good products, it is important also to know some application techniques and some professional tips to get the effect and result you are looking for.

Today I’ll tell you about the Top 10 Best Lips Makeup Tricks for Pakistani GirlsĀ , this part so sexy in your face. Meet, test and adopt these tricks to your daily makeup routine and you will see the difference in results.

Increase volume : design a new contour with a lipstick close to the shape of your mouth. You should always apply a lipstick in the same shade of pencil to leave no visible trace. Finish with a little gloss. Tip: Applying illuminator between upper lip and nose also helps to highlight lips

Reduce volume: apply corrective lips to erase the natural contour. Then fill the lips with lipstick.

Increase durability: apply the lipstick and remove the excess with a piece of paper. Apply a layer of facial powder on the lips and another layer of lipstick. Another way to make your lipstick last longer is to spend a little moisturizer and a light layer of facial powder. Next, make the outline with a pencil and fill with lipsticks of the same hue.

Colors : the makeup highlight your eyes, it is best to choose neutral color lipstick and lives versa. For black-eyed women, orange, red and brown lipstick are excellent choices. For women with blue eyes, lipstick nude, pink and red with the most indicated. For women with brown eyes, the best choice are nude lipstick and pink gloss. Pink lipstick are ideal for green eyed women.

Thick lips: this type of lip looks great with shades of peach and pink lipstick gloss.

Thin lips: if you want to highlight these lips, apply gloss without fear. Brightness and light colors increase the volume of the mouth; Bet on salmon, golden, beige and nude.

Asymmetric lips: if your upper lip has the same length as the lower (or vice versa) is best to apply neutral shades of lipstick. Match the lips with a pencil to match them.

Cinnamon: This is an interesting way to get a bulkier lips homemade recipe. Mix a small spoon of cinnamon with the product of your preference (petroleum jelly, cocoa butter, etc.). Apply the mixture to your lips and wait a few minutes. You will feel an itch, remove the mixture with water and you will have lips with more volume instantly.

Hydration: to always nice and moisturized lips, apply some lip balm before bedtime.

Wrinkles: not highlight wrinkles from your face, especially around the lips, prefer creamy lipstick in a short bar; These products color without draining or accumulating in the furrows around the mouth.


Make up your lips is a simple and flattering way to change your look in just a few minutes. However, not all girls know how to properly makeup their lips. You want to learn? Well follow our simple tips and you will get striking lips with a unique finish. Test it!


1. Exfoliate your lips.

This step is essential to always maintain a smooth and hydrated mouth. The easiest way to exfoliate your lips is, select a toothbrush old you no longer use. Then, vigorously wash it and on your lips completely clean and cleansed, exfoliate making slight circular movements throughout your mouth. You’ll see how soft and juicy they look!

2. Lipstick

Before, we believed that lip liner had to wear it a shade darker than our sores, but that was a mistake, because all we were getting was very little natural makeup and anti-aesthetic. Now, we continue to use the eyeliner, but in a very different way. It is important to apply the lip liner before painting your lips, but the result is perfect, select the pen color more like the tone of your lipstick. You will show a very natural color!

3. Paint your lips in pink tones

It was the turn to color your lips. To do this choose the pink color of the range of Color Riche Exclusive collection of roses and select the color more similar to the tone with which you have previously outlined your lips. Then fill your mouth with color. To do this, try to always use a brush for lips and blend well so that there are no marks or scratches on your lips. Only one color! You will get a uniform and defined finish.

4. Apply lip gloss

If you like bright lips and full of freshness and intensity, apply lip gloss! It is best to use a transparent gloss that enhances the color you have your lip makeup. Impinges on the center of the lip to show a more luscious and sensual mouth. These are your “new lips!”

Make up your mouth is a simple but careful task, which you should never forget. A well-made mouth greatly changes the face and power an incredible weapon of seduction of the woman. Give importance to lip makeup!

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