Not long ago fashion retailers believed that consumers would not shift towards buying fashion online. Years later, today e-commerce sector in Pakistan is thronged by entrepreneurs and retail brands from diverse businesses facilitating buyers and sellers across the country. The sector, which was dominated by mobile phone sales has thrived massively over time and expanded into various business areas including fashion.

A Changing Business Model for Fashion Brands and Start-Ups

Regardless of the fact that the fashion scene has always been flourishing in the country but, with the recent e-commerce build-up, the fashion industry has revolutionized itself to keep up with the changing trends of consumer shopping. Online shoppers seek the convenience of being able to browse through mobile apps and online shopping stores and choosing the best options for delivery. Thus, fashion retailers and startups have readjusted their business models, aiming towards a technology to keep up with the demands of the potential consumers and to stay at the top of their game among the competition.

Online shopping in Pakistan with payment on delivery as an option – have revamped the fashion scene in the e-commerce sector. The days when media influenced the consumers are long gone, but today, fashion belongs to consumers too. With the advent of e-commerce, people all across the nation have a better access to the latest collection and clothes from recognized names in the fashion industry.

Learn About: 10 Winter Perks Every Pakistani Looks Forward to helping Fashion Brands with Revenues, one of the leading online shopping stores in Pakistan has integrated the operations of fashion e-commerce with retail brands and startups. It has helped to contribute huge revenues to many online fashion businesses to record an increase in fans and sales on the e-commerce platform. Fashion startups and designers have experienced a mushroom growth in the sales of their recent collections online consisting of clothes, accessories, and shoes. Designer lawn frenzy on has set out the biggest stage to bring a revolution in the fashion e-commerce industry, swooping in as the biggest trendsetters in this sector.

There has been a remarkable increase in the number of online shoppers which is led by online ventures including The influx in the total number of fashion apparels buying and selling online has resulted in the second stage of e-commerce sector in Pakistan. Last year’s Black Friday event was a major push for people to shift towards online shopping for women fashion clothing and apparel. The biggest fashion sales comprised of T-shirts, hoodies, lawn, and shoes. is working to double the size of the e-commerce industry in Pakistan, focusing on all the major fashion items. It taps into the online fashion industry by bringing affordable and sensational deals thanks to its fashion partners.

Men and Women Fashion Available Online

Aside from phenomenal deals and discounts,’s fashion store is not limited to women fashion, but also extends to all kinds of fashion clothing and apparel for men as well. With so many options available on a single platform, buyers can enjoy a unique experience. It’s all about shopping made fun for the buyers because supports a variety of trends and brand options that impact consumer buying experience.

Great User Experience

The online shopping store is working to enhance the user experience on online purchases. The bottom line is that the platform is not only for consumers but for sellers too. Fashion retailers and small startups can set a standard of connecting with the consumers through an online shopping platform. The end-to-end operations are made effective with a virtual store that can service customers and buyers from all backgrounds.

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Platform to Connect with the Latest Fashion Trends’s presence in the fashion side is also helping small brands to catch up by entering the world on e-commerce and leverage the digital marketplace. Small fashion brands are catching up by entering into the world of e-commerce. This is seen on as the rise of online shopping trend in the fashion category which sees small and big brands as equals and offers them a chance to compete with each other through e-commerce. It’s all about giving fashion-oriented brands a larger platform to gain exposure and a chance for customers to connect with the latest fashion trends.


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