How to Apply Henna Designs Mehndi – Step by Step Tutorial

How to Apply Henna Designs Mehndi - Step by Step Tutorial

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Learn how to Apply mehndi designs for hands step by step in this article. If you are beginners and you don’t have experience how to put mehndi in hand even you don’t have practice before but you still have learning power you can simple watch this Tutorial and learn how to put mehndi In hand with easy simple practice. In this article I will show you How to Learn Mehndi Designs on Hands. There is one more good news for the beginners. Because in this mehndi designs videos also teach to beginners. Mehndi designs for hands step by step Arabic for beginners


How is it possible that an art dating back 5,000 years has become so popular today?

While it is true that there is currently a boom mehndi or Mehndi painting, it is true that the people of Pakistan India, Morocco, Egypt … .. the known and used for centuries.

Perhaps one of the reasons why both the mehndi as body painting nowadays is used is because it allows tattooing the body saving many social taboos existing and eliminating opposition from many social tattoos sectors and people who look.

Henna (mehndi) tattoos are made with beautiful, nice, fine, decorative, elegant, not permanent … .. ie, have many features that save many people’s opposition to the tattoo ink.

What color will be drawing once the henna (Mehndi) paste falling?

It depends on the person and the type used henna (Mehndi) , the tone can vary from light orange to dark reddish brown.

Does the henna (Mehndi) can also be black?

DO NOT!!!!!

Sometimes, in the photos of designs mehndi henna still appears on the skin, which may appear black and not see the actual color of the tattoo that will remain in the skin when the paste is falling, which can lead to confusion.

Many people want to pretend a permanent real tattoo and therefore seek black henna (Mehndi) , but there is no black henna , (Mehndi) henna hue is orange to dark reddish brown.

Some vendors have tried to fill that demand for black henna by adding chemicals that stain black henna, but these products are harmful to the skin and can be dangerous.

Notes some samples of what happens in the skin when using “black henna (Mehndi) “:

How much does it take to make a design with henna Mehndi?

Completely it depends on the type of design you want, its complexity. The process can take from half an hour a simple Daisy Chain or design in hand, many hours for extensive or complicated body design.

It hurt?


Unlike tattoos, mehndi not use needles , which does not damage the skin. The paste is applied on the skin, and could even say that protects the skin for its medicinal qualities.

Will it disappear completely?


Exfoliates skin every 21 or 25 days, and the henna fades gradualment and in that period of time.

Some people complain that their skin color is not. Usually by not following the instructions correctly or remove dough skin too fast. However, there are people whose skin is too dark need 2 applications, even more than the skin color, the determining factor is the type of skin.

Is there anything I can do to make it go away faster if I do not like?

You can rub vigorously every day the tattooed area, use sun tan lotion, wash dishes by hand ….. so you can think of ; but keep in mind that this will not disappear immediately , but will disappear gradually and over time.

Something you can do is, once the tattoo has disappeared almost completely, rub the area with a cotton impregnated with hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), to finish float away altogether.



To avoid any problems in the subsequent application, and although at first glance the henna powder may seem fine, tamízalo before turning it into pulp , because you never know how long ago that henna powder placed on a shelf and how much quality has lost. It is advisable to buy henna to a provider that you can trust.

Sift the powder is advisable especially if the design to make with the batter is very thin and delicate details and lines s. If you have not sifted fine dust, when you apply the paste can leave twigs or other debris that usually dust, which spoiled the effect of your tattoo (no matter what type of instrument use to apply the paste, the remains may become equal and nag a nice design).

Since henna powder is very fine, to remove the remains can use some type to a nylon stocking or something to sift, as a normal sieve (however small) let impurities which then turn into paste.

Place the half stretched on a source and press with a spoon dust down to be seeping through it. Dust impurities remain on the average, so you throw them away.

The consistency suitable henna powder is mealy , or as close as possible to it you can get.

Once you have sifted henna and have it in a container, you must prepare the other ingredients to be mixing to get the henna paste:

. 1 cup water

. 2 tablespoons black tea (the more black you can find)

. 3 tablespoons sifted henna powder

. 1 teaspoon eucalyptus oil

Although there are many ways to prepare the henna paste with these ingredients you will get to fill an entire cone (method most used to apply the paste or half a plastic applicator bottle). But of course, with practice you’ll go see what quantities of each ingredient mix will give you the consistency you need.

Well, once you have prepared the above items in their containers, we started:

Put the water to boil in a microwave (about 3 min. More or less) or in a traditional kitchen. When the water boils, turn off the heat or remove the bowl from the microwave and add the black tea water.

Ideally , let macerate tea in water overnight , so it’s best to do this at night and then go to sleep to continue in the morning. And remember to let macerate tea in freshly boiled water .

If you’re not boasting of patience, you could continue the process, but you must let stand tea with water at least 3 hours .

Be sure to pour the tea into the water passing it through a strainer so that no twigs, leaves or debris tea impurities then with the henna mix.

Check the dust sifted henna in a bowl of plastic and adds eucalyptus oil dust. Do not mix !!!

Add to the above about 3 tablespoons of henna powder tea (one at a time ) and stir the ingredients together with a metal spoon.

It is impossible to say exactly how much tea add henna powder and eucalyptus oil, because some henna powder mixture require more than others.

Using the back of the spoon presses the mixture at the edges of the bowl to discard the sandy remains of the pasta. Do not worry if the dough looks crumbly , will be more smooth and soft in the morning.

Again you must have a little patience and let curdle for about 12 hours.

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and seal it with the cap so that the mixture is hermetically protected (tupperware is perfect).

Keep the container away from light and let stand about 12 hours to achieve optimum results. If you do not have much patience, you can keep it plugged into the container and at least about 4 or 5 hours before continuing (removes lumps with metal spoon).

Only you know if the final consistency is good when you start to apply the henna with cone or applicator bottle. If you see that it has been very liquid , mix a little more henna powder; if you’ve made a dense , add a little excess water or tea (a few drops at a time, not going to take too much) and mix.

Now you can start using henna.

Fresh henna lasts only about 2 or 3 days , so use it immediately after you finish the process of making the pasta. You can keep it in the fridge, but after 3 days loses its optimum quality (although it looks like externally).

If you use henna which has more than 3 days, the result will be a lighter skin color or design will disappear very quickly.

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