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We offer a complete range or menu of Hair Services for Ladies like hair styling, cutting, coloring, creative coloring, conditioning, as well as hair curling (perming) or chemical relaxing and chemical straightening (rebonding).

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Hair rebonding is a common fashion now days. Either a girl or a boy, who wants to get rid of frizzy, curled and messy hairs can easily consult a hair rebonding salon and get straight, shiny and sleek hairs.

Today there are number of hair salons all around the world that offers world class and latest hair rebonding techniques. All you need is to search these best hair rebonding salons and get the chance to look smart, shiny and glamorous.

Hair rebonding is common in Pakistan also. Today we see number of best hair rebonding salons in all metropolis of Pakistan. These state of the art hair rebonding salons have a wide range of hair rebonding services with a well-trained and highly qualified staff. If you ever get a change to visit a best hair rebonding salon, you will come to know that Pakistani hair rebonding salons are using world class hair rebonding techniques by using latest equipment and professional staff.

There are number of state of the art hair rebonding salons in Pakistan that offer a wide range of hair rebonding services at different cost level. These best hair rebonding salon in Pakistan not only cater the Pakistani clients but deal their international clients very well. Keeping in mind the increasing demand of hair styling and hair rebonding, many international hair stylists and hair bands also launched their hair salon in Pakistan.

What it is

Hair straightening is basically a hair styling technique which involves the flattening and straightening of hair in order to give it a smooth, streamlined, and ‘sleek’ appearance. Rebonding may be accomplished by using hair irons and hot combs, chemical relaxers, Japanese hair straightening, or Brazilian hair straightening. In addition, we use some shampoos, and conditioners and hair gels can help to make hair temporarily straight.

Hair rebonding is a procedure that involves chemically relaxing the hair so that the curls can be turned straight. This treatment is suggested for women with unmanageable hair. When done right, this procedure tames down the hair quite well and its effects last for a fairly long time.

Thus this chemical hair treatment makes your hair straight, sleek and shiny, and it is a permanent procedure. Each type of hair has a natural bond. Curly or wavy, are the result of natural bonds that give the hair its physical quality. The cream for softening used in the rebonding treatment breaks the hair structure.

How we manage the whole procedure

The time taken to complete a rebonding treatment depends upon the length, type and thickness of your hair. Hair till mid back can take about 8 hours or more to be rebonded.  Hair is first washed with a mild shampoo. No conditioner is applied. Hair is dried completely with a blow dryer keeping it on the medium level.

After that, hair is separated into parts. The cream softener or relaxant is applied to every hair shaft, keeping it straight. A thin plastic board is used to keep hair straight. Cream softener is kept on hair for at least half an hour or depending upon the hair type. Keeping it for too long may even harm hair. After that hair is steamed for 10 to 40 minutes, depending upon hair type and condition, and then rinsed. Then hair is blow dried and then keratin lotion is applied.

We use flat iron to straighten hair further and break any remaining curls. Hair is again parted and a neutralizer is applied to set the bonds and stabilize the hair. The neutralizer is kept for at least 30 minutes. The neutralizer is rinsed off with cold water. Hair is blow dried and hair serum is applied. A last touch of ironing is given with the straightening iron. Hair appears silky straight and shiny.

A few things to keep in mind after having your treatment done

Hair that is taken care of will be frizz free and smooth to touch. Rebonded hair is susceptible to dryness. Therefore ensuring that your hair remains hydrated and full of life is very important

Rebonded hair needs a lot more care than regular hair. Due to all the chemical treatments it has undergone, it requires constant care and protection from damage. Do not wet your hair for three days after the procedure. Yes, it means greasy hair and no swimming. The chemicals have to seep in and settle.

Do not tie your hair or put it on the back of your ears. The hair will be in a state where it acquires a shape. When you sleep, make sure your hair is straight. You don’t want to wake up to weird shaped hair.

Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner after three days. Leave the conditioner on your hair for extra minutes. Avoid usage of any heating tools. That means no blow drying too. If you are in a need of drying hair, then use the cool blast of air option.

Do not mess with your hair for at least six months – that means no hair coloring, no streaks, no highlighting. Your hair needs to relax after the high dose of straightening chemicals.Trim your hair on a regular basis. This ensures your hair remains in top condition. Make sure there are no split ends. You don’t want it to travel up the length and deepen the damage.

Our Professionalism

We ensure your satisfaction which is our basic priority. We have a team of hair experts that guide you about your hair texture and recommend the suitable products for your hair. They not only guide you about the whole rebonding procedure, its pros and cons, but also tell you about how to manage your hair after getting it rebonded!

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