8 Fitness Tips For Women to lose Buttocks in a Week

Exercises You Can Do to Tone your Buttocks

You want to exercise, but between school and work you have little free time. Also, you do not want to miss a single episode of your favorite series. A dilemma, right? No, and here we have the solution, which includes a routine of 8 exercises where you can train your legs while you are sitting watching TV and see your favorite program.

Take the time you need between each set, remember that the ideal is to do for a long period of time to see results and increase the repetitions each day a little more. Exercise is essential to rest at least one day a week for muscles to recover and oxygenate. Get started today!

1. Lying lifting one leg

Lifting one leg exercise to tone the buttocks.

Place one foot and both arms on the floor and lift the other leg, well stretched, pointing to the ceiling. Repeat the movement 10 times with each leg; You can make 3 three series.

2. Bridge

Bridge position to tone the buttocks.

Place your body in a bridge position, with open to shoulder height legs. Collapses the abdomen and tightens the rear. Hold this position for 30 seconds and rest 15. Repeat three times.

3. Bend and extend

Extension and flexion.

Lying face up, stretch and bend the knee, one leg at a time. The key to this exercise is breathing, inhale to exhale when you flex and stretch the leg. Do not forget to always keep contracted abdomen and legs. Do ten repetitions with each leg.

4. In position bench leg up

Position bank to tone the buttocks.

You put yourself in position bank, you bend your leg, the climb to the ceiling and then lower. You can do a number of these exercises and then repeat them but at shorter intervals. When you lower the knee, it should reach the height of the trunk. 10 repetitions with each leg.

5. For some buns of steel

Leg crossed to tone the buttocks.

Lie on your side with one hand on his head and the other holding one leg. Now go up the leg that remained under upward movement is simple, but concentrate on tightening the buttocks. It works! Perform 15 repetitions with each leg

6. Stop, leg back

Leg back to tone the buttocks.

Lean against a wall. With the right leg and back straight pull your leg back without flexing. The secret? Focus on having the tight ass, because that will be more effective work. Repeat 15

times with each leg.

7. Squat

Squats to tone the buttocks.

This exercise is very simple and all we know. You must get off as if you sat in an invisible chair, arms extended forward and looking down without lifting your heels. Try it! Do 2 sets of 10 repetitions.

8. desplantes

rebuff to tone the buttocks.

This is the last toning exercise. Flexes one knee forward and leave the other on the floor, then returns to the original position. In doing so, you can move your arms, leave them open to maintain balance or join them in the chest. Do 10 repetitions on each leg. There is no excuse, was time to work!

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