eye concealer

15 Simple tricks you can do with your eye concealer that will facilitate your life

The trick is not to be the perfect woman but in using the right weapons to be the closest, and have an eye concealer on hand can help you achieve it. It is a cosmetic part of the emergency kit cosmetic any woman, because beyond hide dark circles, it is the ideal tool to cover small imperfections.

With these 15 simple tricks to use it, I’m sure you never want to leave home without a correction in the bag.
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1. Corrects your eyeliner

Applying concealer to delineated.

With the help of an angular brush and a little concealer.

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2. Apply concealer on your lips before lipstick

Lipstick with correction.

Doing so will allow you to look exactly the original tone of the lip, as the natural pigmentation of the lips usually interferes to achieve the color you want.

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3. Apply the contour of the mouth

How to apply concealer.

With this trick, your lips will look well delineated, clean and perfect.

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4. Apply triangular

brushermagazine.com 12

Your face will look sleeker and simultaneously overlay the dreaded dark circles.

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5. Give volume to your lashes

Concealer lashes to give volume.

Just apply a little concealer before mascara.

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6. Use it in the shape of your eyebrows

Concealer on the contour of the eyebrows.

This trick will help lift and refine your eyebrows. Blend well.

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7. Zero imperfections

green concealer for blemishes.

All makeup correctors have a different function: the green serves to neutralize and hide acne blemishes. It also serves to bites or allergies, as these are colors between pink and red.

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8. Did you stay without correction?

Woman with concealer in the face.

Apply a small dot of foundation on the area you want to cover and wait a few minutes until set and then fades a little. The secret is to wait for it to dry.

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9. Hides puffy eyes

Woman with puffy eyes.

Mix a little eye cream, concealer and illuminator on the back of your hand and apply on the eyelids, dark circles and under the brow bone to brighten and hide the swelling.

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10. Intensify your clavicle bone

Makeup for clavívula.

Trace the natural contours with a concealer two shades darker than your skin and then highlight one or two shades lighter.

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11. Colored Moisturizer

moisturizer with color.

Mix your face cream with a bit of concealer. This will give a touch a little darker while moisturizes your skin.

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12. Try to have several types of corrector

Different types of correctors.

It is necessary to use different types of correction, depending on the area of the face you want to perfect.

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13. Using concealer two shades darker your skin

Attempted contour.

With this ruco you will achieve the contour perfect.

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14. Know the proper use of each color

Corrector palette.

The orange cover blue tones; green red pimples and yellow proofreaders correct almost all uneven skin tones.

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15. well covers your dark circles

Applying lip color orange.

When your dark circles are very dark, only you can fully cover a corrector red or orange tones, but if you do not have one, you can use matte painting lips.