Original Double Delineated

15 Ideas For Use as Original Double Delineated, Will Be What a Fanatical!

In a matter of trends, the best always try one that best fits your personality and style. And although you may think you’ve seen too many  thoughts to make up your eyes, this time seek to make the most of a style that has already become a trend: the outline dual tone.

To master this technique 3 important things are needed: the first a liquid eyeliner or gel color that interests you try; the second your favorite black eyeliner; and the third practice enough to have a steady hand when outline. We leave these 15 ideas to show off that double delineated and make it your favorite style eyes.

1. A very stylish chic in black and white

Women made up with eyeliner black and white

2. Ideal to combine with your favorite glaze

woman with makeup outlined pastel pink

3. You can do as glamorous as you like

brunette woman with silver outlined

4. Or try daring color combinations

delineated woman with coffee and copper

5. As this degradation in orange and red

orange shades and makeup pink

6. Great to match your color dye fantasy

blue haired woman makeup

7. There must be a complete line

coffee woman with blue makeup and outlined

8. You can expermimentar with the “wing” of your outlined

woman with colorful makeup and double outlined

9. Or try unimaginable color palettes

woman with orange makeup and blue lips

10. The idea is to play with funny ringtones

woman with pink makeup

11. Create an effect of imaginary shadow

woman with pink makeup and pink outlined burned

12. Or take a chance for a look  more dramatic

silver purple makeup outlined

13. Try an outline from the upper eyelid

15 double designs delineated for eyes

14. Mix an outline of “Gypsy” with dual tone

woman with wine and outlined lips black and white

15. The result will be spectacular

woman with pink makeup shadow