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Make up pakistani eye makeup

Pakistani Eye Makeup Tips How to Apply Eye Makeup

To make up your eyes is essential that you know your potential so you can full advantage them out and get a deeper look bright. teaches you to be dressed up in their natural form and thus achieve all eyes settle on yours. The first thing to do is identify what kind of eyes…

Make up Makeup Tricks to Look Younger

50 Makeup Tricks to Look Younger That Nobody Told You About

It is no secret that there are tricks of makeup to look younger , even 10 years younger look. The key is to apply the right way to not produce the opposite effect. Hair and makeup tricks to take off years in the mirror. Follow the experts to hit with your makeup and your hairstyle…

Dresses Pakistani Bridal Lehenga Dresses Designs Collection of 2016

Pakistani Bridal Lehenga Dresses Designs Collection of 2016

I am writing this Pakistani lehenga design post for those girls who don’t have enough budget to buy branded Dress on their wedding day. Every Bride had wish to look Astounding on the wedding day. So this is the reason why I am wring it. In this post you can simple check your require design…

Make up

15 Makeup Tips for Pakistani Girls And Women Must Know

i am writing this post for those Pakistani women who dont have much experince about Cool Make Tips .how to get ready instant . Cool Makeup Tips That No One Had Dared to Reveal The'll love! You do not have to be a professional to look extraordinary makeup, just enough to use a few Tips . Although it…

Dresses Pakistani Wedding Sherwani Design for Boys

Pakistani Wedding Sherwani Design for Boys in 2016

In this post i will discuss about Wedding Sherwani for Males in Pakistan and India . Most people’s fully aware about Pakistani wedding cultural we live in traditional ways. So everyone wear tradition dress on his wedding day. Let me explain something about myself. Few year back on my wedding friend wedding day. Everyone excited…

Dresses 75 Pakistani Wedding Dresses For Girls s

Pakistani Wedding Dresses for Females & Beatifull Girls

Like every year we see many changes in Pakistani Wedding Dresses trends. So many new cuts and fashion styles have been coming in Pakistani wedding dresses 2016. In past bridals love to wear only red colors Lehengas with simple embroidery designs. But now old trend has been fully changed. So bridals dress up now like…