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Every bride deserves to look perfect on her wedding day. If you are looking for makeup tips for your big day you are in the right place. Looks great with this top 10 makeup tips for brides .



For future brides who marry in places with warm climates, consider using all possible beauty products and cosmetics free oil (oil free, in English) as the foundation, moisturizers, the first, etc. And do not forget you have about sheets of absorbent paper to remove the brightness of the face.

However, it is important makeup touch-ups. To do this, we suggest taking your stylist to your wedding if needed.


Get facials regularly, this makes a big difference in the texture of the skin and helps to better implementation of the foundation.


If you do not decide on the makeup or are not sure which salon to go, make sure you have proof makeup at least three weeks, but no more than 5 weeks before your wedding. So you can choose with calm beauty salon to avoid trouble with the makeup artists. Remember that deserve the best and makeup for your wedding is not anything.


A very important aspect about testing makeup is wearing a white shirt so you can see how the makeup looks against a pale color and take a picture of yourself in daylight (no flash) to see how you will see prior to the final makeup.


Focus on the best features of your face. There is nothing better than giving a natural look, give the perfect finish to the eyebrows and highlight your eyes with eyelashes. If you go to the salon, make-up artist tell what are the features you want to highlight.


Your wedding day is not the time to experiment with red lipstick and smoky eyes for the first time. Choose shades with which you feel comfortable and go with your skin tone. It’s your day, and you want to look like you really are -only better.


If you want to go to the top level of glamor, use false eyelashes. These must be applied correctly by a professional. But if you want it to do, practice days before doing it yourself. It is important that you become familiar with them so that you feel comfortable.


It does not have things go wrong, but the unexpected always happen. It is therefore important to keep a mini kit to be ready for the unexpected. It takes aspirin, bandages, bottled water, make-up removal wipes, mints, transparent nail enamel, eye drops (recommended by your doctor), spray, deodorant, white needle and thread.


The heat and sweat are enemies for makeup. Therefore, the makeup should be waterproof especially eyeliner and mascara.


Like every woman has her own style, the bride should choose your makeup style. She is the most beautiful on her wedding day. Will it soon to get married and are in search of ideas? Discover the different types and styles of makeup for your big day and choose which suits your personality.


Every bride wants to look beautiful and radiant in its day and is why the makeup for brides is important and should be perfect. However it is not always easy to find bridal makeup that fits the style and tastes of the protagonist, often once the party to view photos and wedding video we realize the error. Darker than normal base, an exaggerated blush colors that are highly contrasting impact and are common mistakes we want you to avoid during your wedding day. If you find yourself lost when choosing the make up of the great day do not miss these five basic rules about makeup for brides!

Makeup for brides: basic rules

The rule of the social makeup (for different events) also applies for brides. However, the most important rule is to know how to respect the style of each. According to experts in bridal makeup, if she never makeup can not opt for a very exaggerated or overdone on her wedding day makeup as it will look very different and uncomfortable.

Photo Makeup for bride

Do not let your personal style to capture the big day makeup

Another basic rule is to have an emergency kit makeup during the religious ceremony and the wedding party. Make sure you have a small bag all the basics such as base, eyeliner, lipstick and concealer if you want to run any tears makeup face of the bride.

1. In bridal makeup, blush not abuse

It is important that the bride makeup look and give a touch of color to the face of the bride. However some excess makeups is dangerous, this is the case of blush. Remember that you use the blush (either pink or coral) must place in the form of diagonal line on the cheekbone and get to color your cheeks and sharpen the face.

This bride chose a coral color blush

This bride chose a coral color blush

2. When makeup is all too natural for brides

Opting with a light makeup does not necessarily mean an invisible makeup. There is no point wanting to be very natural if you see pale or discolored, you need some color on your face, otherwise the lack of makeup will be evident in the wedding photos. If you do not want to look heavily made- up bet for makeup in earthy colors , these are ideal for warm seasons and girlfriends brown and tan skin.

Natural makeup for brides but not invisible

These brides opted for a make up super light and fresh

3. Makeup for brides: not combine make up with the schedule

Do not bring the kind of makeup wedding schedule is also a serious and very common error. Experts say who marries in the morning to avoid a sophisticated makeup. Milder and lighter shades are ideal as a makeup for brides day. You can also use eye shadows opaque but it is important to always use sunscreen to prevent skin redness. When it comes to bridal makeup at night, it is possible to emphasize brightness. The bride can choose makeup pigment or shine. Mark eyes with black and esfumarlo is also amazing. If the bride is not adept at shadows you can choose creamy lipstick or bright colors.

This makeup is therefore ideal for a day like a summer night

This makeup is therefore ideal for a day like a summer night

4. Makeup for brides, not to abuse the colors

Avoid mixing many colors. The photos in the album will be seen for a long time and adopt a certain fashion can be bad. If you want to use strong colors of shades like green, red and blue combine them with shades of lipstick in harmony and use them well hazy to avoid an exaggerated effect. The makeup retro bride is ideal for brides who marry both day and night and never gets old.

Photo Makeup for brides emphasizing colors

Shadow esfumada eyes and nude lip

5. bridal makeup, not rule waterproof products

The bride cries, gets excited and is why we should not rule out the waterproof products, especially mascara. The main products are in addition to the mask eyeliner pencil and glue false eyelashes. Finally, it is better to opt for a long-lasting lipstick so that the bride does not lose the charm and fresh-faced throughout the party.

Makeup for brides proof tears

Perfect makeup proof emotions!


You already are here wedding season! Are you one of the lucky ones who you marry this year? Enjoy your day and of course Looks radiant! The clothes and shoes, let your choice, but the makeup, it’s all ours! So, once you are clear about the style you’ll wear makeup follow our advice and look restful, natural and very naif face. A bride should show a simple and bright look and above all, a makeup with which you feel confident. It is the most important day of your life, so try not disguise or choose tones that do not feel comfortable. Take care of details, shows an elegant and suggestive beauty and … Long live the bride!


Smooth skin look flawless, is one of the most important points for bridal makeup look flawless.

The ideal is to apply one alisante basis and then a background liquid foundation (as close to the natural tone of your skin). Then, take the concealer and apply it in the area of dark circles and blend using your fingers and making slight pat (never dragging the product). Of course, finish your face makeup, choosing to apply a slight blush on your cheeks, try using a pink or peach tone, and you’ll look more fluffy and female skin. As little trick, apply some highlighter on the upper arch of your eye (under your eyebrow) and cheeks and thus willintensify your light and special magnetism.


Eye makeup is very important for a bride, especially, to show a look of light and magnetism.The first thing to do is apply first to get show the color of your eyes intact for hours. Then applya base shadow to unify your eyelid and then diffuses a tune or pastel pink champagne shadow on your eyelid. Then select a shadow of a halftone to mark the palm of your eye and the end and thus further open your eyes. Of course, you should not miss neither the eyeliner and mascara; yes, it tries to make a very fine line to flush your lashes, almost imperceptible, but more intensity and depth to your eyes and several mask layers to provide more density and get a result simply ravishing.


Probably see brides with red lips, burgundy, roses … we opted lips look consistent with the rest of makeup, so makeup your mouth in nude tones.

The perfect result is to apply a beige or pinkish bar matte lips and then apply a clear lip gloss that brings brightness and freshness. Looks a juicy, sensual and suggestive mouth!

The most important thing is that luzcas a harmonious and balanced makeup that highlight your natural beauty without great excesses. It’s your day, you have a special light so live your time!

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