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News 10 Winter Perks Every Pakistani Looks Forward to

Winters are a very special occasion in Pakistan and not because of Christmas or Halloween, which the majority of us Muslim folks barely take notice of, but for the unlimited winter perks that the season has to offer. Winter Mornings - Subah ka Thanda Mausam! Waking up to the cold winter breeze is a refreshing…

Reviews Pakistani Dramas Television Series

if you are Pakistani drama lovers and looking for Pakistani dramas list for watching. not to worry now you will get Top Pakistani dramas list along with IMDb Rating and Some drama Detail Top 25 Pakistani Dramas list 1. Humsafar Pakistani drama series 9/10 · IMDb Humsafar is a Pakistani drama television series directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat, based on…

Make up 4 Skin whitening Formulas in pakistan

There is surprise for Pakistani girls now you can easily adopt best practices from Skin whitening Formulas in Pakistan Whitening Your Face in a Day Home Remedies for Skin whitening Formulas in Pakistan If you do not have time to perform facial treatments, take advantage while you sleep for the remedies to act and remove them…

Make up Top 10 Best Lips Makeup Tricks for Pakistani Girls

Makeup is an indispensable tool for the feminine appearance. Knowing how to use this resource correctly has the power to highlight your strengths and camouflage some possible imperfections that you want to hide. Know, then, the Top 10 Best Lips Makeup Tricks for Pakistani Girls . Top 10 Best Lips Makeup Tricks for Pakistani Girls The…

Make up Eye Makeup for Pakistani Girls

if you are Pakistani girls and looking for Western Eye make style, dont worry in this post you will get Ten Different Forms of Eye Makeup for Pakistani Girls. Delineated, smoky, colors, shapes and techniques to make up your eyes every time We suggest ten looks eye makeup for different tastes and occasions. With color, glamorous, subtle,…

Celebrity First Music Video of Chaiwala Arshad Khan

         Chaiwala | Sid Mr. Rapper | feat. Arshad Khan | Studio87 Published on Nov 27, 2016   The most anticipated video of the year. After a great success of Arshad Khan aka Chaiwala on social media, we now present a song by Lil Mafia Mundeer on the one and only Chaiwala!!…

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